Induction Cooktop Reviews – Which Are Best and Which To Avoid?

Induction Cooktop Reviews

Before you buy that new induction cooktop, I hope I can help you through my induction cooktop reviews to answer some questions you might have in regards to cooking and overall experience with induction. I seriously love cooking, but I never heard of cooking with magnets until my boyfriend bought an induction burner a few years ago.  Ever since then, I’ve become an induction cooking enthusiast and you can read my post why it’s way more awesome than any other type of cooking. After using my burner for a year, I decided that if I were to ever remodel my kitchen, I would get an induction cooktop and started to do some research. I didn’t know there were so many different options in terms of cooktops as well from slide range cooktops, to portable burners. You can read all about our portable induction cooktop reviews for those who are just starting out. So through hours of researching and reading up on forums, I’ve learned what features are essential in buying a great induction cooktop. So let’s discuss the features that I found to be essential in any cooktop.

Heating Capacity – The Most Important Feature

Since induction cooktop uses magnetic forces to cook, watts are the standard in terms of measuring energy.  But the standard unit for cooking power that we understand is BTU, which is the unit for heat capacity on a gas range. Most gas ranges provides a maximum around 12,500 BTU of heat, which means we would want a minimum of 1.8 kilowatts for an induction cooktop in terms of heat capacity since 1,800 watts provides about 12,900 BTU. (If you’re curious about the math, you can read my post about converting watts into BTU.) Along with the maximum heating capacity, another important feature is the wide range of temperature or power settings. The more settings you have, the more control you will have over the heat.

Warranty & Guarantee– Another Important Factor

Whether you’re purchasing an induction, electric or gas cooktop, you really have to see buying any cooktop as an investment. Since cooktops are one of most commonly used appliance in the home, it’s definitely a good investment. But with any purchase this big, you definitely want a great warranty if not a guarantee. From what I’ve researched for my induction cooktop reviews, most cooktops come with a one year warranty with the option to purchase extended warranty. I did find one company that provides a great no lemon guarantee for your cooktop. Here are our recommendations of the best induction cooktop we can find anywhere.

Our #1 Best Induction Cooktop Pick

The Miele 30″ Induction Cooktop from Amazon with 4 hobs (there is a 36″ size available as well with 5 burners), is the absolute #1 recommended cooktop by us.

  • It has an amazing no lemon guarantee. Miele, a German company has a no lemon guarantee on all induction cooktops, which means if you have your induction cooktop serviced more than 3 times, it will send you a replacement. You can read more about it here.
  • It has a very high capacity of 2,500 watts or 17,500BTU. It also has a booster function, which can temporarily boost the power up to 3,100 or 22,200 BTU. It also comes with many temperature settings, which makes it very easy to adjust the heat.
  • It also has a lot of great features such as  the booster function that you can read more about in our more thorough review. You can also read other customer reviews.


Our #1 Best Free Standing Induction Slide In Range of 2013

freestanding induction range

As promised, I looked high and low for the best induction slide in range. If you don’t have a enough counter space or want to replace your current cooking range, this is by far the best induction range to buy in 2013. Be sure to read our in-depth induction range reviews to learn why. So why this induction range is awesome.

  • 5 induction burners, with max capacity between 3,700 watts & 1,850 watts. That is some serious cooking power for those who want to boil water in under a minute!
  •  It has two convection ovens, which means you can make two cakes for your twins at the same time! This feature alone has made this to be amazing.
  • It’s a self-cleaning oven that actually works! I’ve had older self-cleaning ovens and it was terrible. But this one actually works great. It’s also a free-standing range, which means you can simply slide it in when you replace it. I
  • It’s also cheaper than the Miele by a few hundred dollars and you purchase it online at Amazon.

Also makes sure to read all these over awesome customer reviews while we’re working on our in-depth reviews.


New or Curious About Induction Cooking – Read Our Portable Induction Cooktop Reviews!

You’ve read through our induction cooktop reviews and perhaps you’re more interested in trying out induction cooking. Maybe you’re not fullly convinced or not ready to invest in a cooktop. If this is the case, there are many portable induction cooktops available, which gives you the benefits of induction cooking without breaking the bank. You can read all my reviews on portable induction cooktops here including the first induction burner I ever got.

Our #1 Best Portable Induction Burner Pick of 2013 

It’s a new year so we’ve done our research and have a new portable induction cooktop that we highly recommend. You can read our full in-depth NuWave induction cooktop review here! But here are few highlights to why this is the best this year so far.

  • nuwave induction with grillOnly uses 13,000 watts of power yet providing a maximum temperature of 520 degrees. This means that you save more energy but have the ability to cook at higher temperatures. 
  • There are some amazing options that you can add on such as a cast iron grill, which is my favorite option when I want to get my grilling on inside.
  • The price is pretty decent, and currently on sale at and $10 cheaper than

It’s also just the start of 2013, and I hope there are some newer induction cooktops that will be coming out. We’ll keep our eyes open and it’s quite possible that we might change our recommendation. But at this point in time, the NuWave Portable Induction Cooktop rocks, order it now just in time for Mother’s Day! If you’re wondering what recommendation last year, which is still an awesome induction burner, read below!

Our #1 Best Portable Induction Burner Pick of 2012

The Duxtop 1,800 Watts is our best recommendation for many reasons. You can read a more thorough review of the newer model here.

  • At 1,800 watts or 12,800 BTU, this cooktop has a high heating capacity for being such a small cooktop.
  • It has a lot of different setting for temperature control, which ranges from 140 degrees to 460 degrees.
  • This affordable and portable burner is great for anyone who’s interested in induction cooking and for college students. (This was my first induction burner.)

Click here to read over 100+ customer reviews on this cooktop.




Cookware – Another Factor to Consider

Whether you’re cooking with a cooktop or burner, you will need a cookware that is induction friendly. To put it as simply as possible, you will need pots and pans that are magnetic since induction cooking uses magnetic forces to create heat. There are interface discs you can purchase, which allows you to use any type of pot or pan.

Price – Do You Get What You Pay For?

It seems that when you’re buying a new cooktop, you really do get what you pay for. I’m not saying that you have to spend a fortune in order to get a decent one. But from my research, people who’ve gone the cheaper alternative tend to have problems with their cooktops after a few months. Like all electronics, you really do want to be wary of products that are significantly cheaper. Wouldn’t you be suspicious to buy a phone that claims to be as good as an iphone but hundreds of dollars cheaper?

So What Did You Learn from Our Induction Cooktop Reviews?

I hope you understood from my induction cooktop reviews that the most important factors of choosing an induction cooktop are heating capacity with a wide range of settings and a great warranty. Of course, price is definitely going to be a factor, but we wary of the significantly cheaper alternatives. And if you’re just curious to trying induction cooking, there are portable cooktops, which you can usually buy for under $100. So remember, to come back and read more induction cooktop reviews so you can make the best well informed decision before investing in a new cooktop. Happy Shopping & Cooking!

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